Getting Ready for Rest and Relaxation

Travel incentives are key parts of what makes Experiential, Inc. such a great place to work. Trips that provide rest and relaxation (R&R) are some of the most coveted among our brand managers. “Everyone on our team is anxiously awaiting to learn about our quarter three R&R excursion,” stated Puneh, our firm’s President. “We’re trying to guess where the next location will be and what fun things are in store for us.”

It’s a great feeling to know our company values team members enough to send us on all-expenses-paid trips like our R&R events. Puneh added, “Not only do these incentives motivate our people to deliver the best possible performance each day, they also show genuine appreciation for our team’s dedication. I always look forward to announcing the next travel opportunity and who has earned the right to hit the road.”

Traveling with teammates is an ideal way to strengthen bonds that inspire successful collaboration. When we get to know each other on a more personal level away from the office, the benefits follow us back to Experiential, Inc. HQ. Puneh remarked, “Our people learn about talents and positive traits they may not see during everyday interactions. When they return from an excursion, they have deeper insights into what makes our team so special. From there, innovative teamwork that benefits the companies we represent ensues.”