Leadership Conference Recap from the Team at Experiential, Inc.

Experiential, Inc. recently selected a few top individuals from the team for a networking conference in Dallas, Texas. The firm’s President asked those individuals to share the biggest takeaways from this event and how opportunities like this factor into the company’s MIT program.

At this two day conference candidates got to interact and meet with leaders in the industry and potential business partners. Sawyer, a campaign manager selected for the trip, stated her favorite part was seeing everything come together. “Before Dallas, I was aware of the opportunity but it wasn’t quite real to me yet. After seeing all these executives and assistant managers who were at the same place in the program as me just months prior, I understand a lot more of what I’m working towards.” The conference aids to assist those in the training program in numerous ways. 

Putting faces to names is another great benefit of conferences like this. Along with aligning with the right resources, our team got to add to their circle of influence. Another campaign manager selected, commented on the face to face interactions, “seeing them in person showed me what the finish line not only looks like but how close it could be for someone willing to work for it.” The contacts added during the conference will serve team members in a variety of ways. Along with being reliable sources of valuable insights, the new entries on Experiential, Inc. contact lists offer potential for future business opportunities.

How does one get selected to represent Experiential, Inc. in Dallas with other high performers in the industry? Puneh commented, “Being selected means a person exudes a strong work ethic and tenacity for reaching goals every single dayWe continue to recognize the ambitions of our team and strive to provide opportunities that flourish these characteristics.”

This kind of travel opportunity gives the team a huge advantageI have so much more of an appreciation for this business and opportunity and I think this really made me realize that I just need to be patient and take this step by step.” Just because a program is accelerated doesn’t mean you have to rush through the process. Taking time to master each skill is an important part of any role.

The team will continue to apply the feedback from the trip.  Maintaining a strong student mentality is part of the daily requirements. “We are preparing for long-term success,” added Puneh, “and I know the individuals we selected will continue to apply this knowledge to hit their goals.”

The team prepares for conferences like these quarterly to gain the knowledge to be leaders of the industry. Apply today to begin training and you can be given this same opportunity! 

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