Why We Value Team-Building Events

The feeling of working with a big group of friends rather than just coworkers is our goal around the Experiential, Inc. office. We get together regularly away from work to achieve this kind of atmosphere. Last month, we had a team yoga night that gave us the chance to hang out with teammates and family members. We burned some calories and had fun getting to know each other better as well.

There are so many good reasons to organize regular group outings. Perhaps most importantly, team activities build trust that carries over into our collaboration on the job. We come to depend on each other more and more as we take on ambitious new challenges. By learning more about our colleagues on a personal level, we’re better equipped to fuse our talents in productive ways.

We also discover hidden abilities and shared interests when we do things away from the demands of our industry. When we return to Experiential, Inc. HQ, there’s a heightened sense of morale that creates excitement. With added confidence in each other’s unique aptitudes, we’re ready to meet any challenges head-on.

Our communication is also stronger due to our frequent team nights. There’s something about interacting in laid-back settings that helps us listen more effectively during workdays. The fun we have away from the office translates into smoother teamwork on the job.

We’re looking forward to more team outings this summer, as well as the benefits that come with them.